This is the Dirty Little Secret That’s Ruining Your Skin

This is the Dirty Little Secret Ruining Your Skin.png

There’s something highly beneficial for your skin health that you most likely aren’t doing as often as you should. And it’s super easy! I know this after doing thousands of skin consultations and getting the same response more often than not. Are you washing your face at night?

Take It Off Before Bed

It’s the first rule of skincare, you will have heard it before but I’m going to tell you again – you must always cleanse your skin properly before you go to sleep. I get it, you’re tired or have had the day from hell and just want to get to bed. But excuses won’t save your skin.

Those few minutes you spend on taking off your make up and cleaning your face will make all the difference. Not doing so has a variety of drawbacks.

Clogged Pores

It may seem obvious but it’s worth saying: sleeping with makeup still on is basically guaranteed to cause problems with your pores. Even if you don’t wear makeup, exposure to the air is enough for it to accumulate dirt, debris and pollution. Not to mention your own oil, sweat, and dead skin cells!

If you hit the hay with an uncleansed face, not only did your skin not get a chance to have all that debris removed, but now the bed you’re lying on is going help rub all that deeply into your pores causing them to become compacted and really difficult to clean out. Not good for your skin or your sheets.

Unless enlarged pores, blackheads and acne appeal to you, please wash your face!

Duller, Older Looking Complexion

Most common skin concerns, including aging and uneven skin tone, are signs of damage. Our skin is our protector, and is able to repair most of damage it saves our inner body from. But it could use a helping hand.

Most of your skin repair is done while you sleep. Our skin sheds the damaged, no longer functioning skin cells from its surface to reveal a layer of healthier skin underneath. It also replenishes some of the moisture and other nutrients its lost. This process helps our skin stay vibrant and behaving like young skin.

Unfortunately, it can’t do that effectively if hasn’t been properly cleansed. Plus, those pollutants we talked about earlier that build up on the skin cause even more damage for our skin to fight against. Definitely wouldn’t call that beauty sleep!

Unsightly Eyes

Sleeping in mascara and eyeliner causes it to be rubbed by your pillow and end up in your eyes, which can lead to eye irritation. Puffy, irritated, and tired eyes are not a good sight. Left-on mascara can strip the natural oils from lashes causing them to become brittle, break easily and even shed faster.

Take Care of Your Skin

Take off your make up, or just cleanse off the dirt and gunk that will have accumulated during the day. Use a gentle cleansing product – you can ask your professional esthetician about what products suit your skin. Tone properly and then follow with a good night cream or moisturizer. This will ensure your skin is absolutely clean and fresh and moisture replenished. Using a toner shouldn’t dry your skin out; if you find it too drying, again you can ask your esthetician for advice.

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