How Renew Skin Center Came to Be

As someone who's been in the spa and skin care industry for over 10 years I've seen a lot of changes in how day spas and med spas operate. While some of those changes have been great for both spa therapists and their clients, especially the advances in technology, I find some of it disagreeable. 

The main trends in recent years have been towards treatments that are either cookie-cutter, where everybody gets the exact same service no matter what, or strictly clinical with little to no focus on the relaxation benefits of receiving a spa service.

Skin treatments, or any spa service for that matter, should always be customized. Nobody's skin is the exact same; what may be a perfect treatment for one person, could be detrimental to someone else's skin. 

Everyone experiences stress, and stress can affect nearly every body part and body system, including the skin. Stress is a factor in five out of six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, stroke, lower respiratory disease, and accidents. An estimated 75 to 90 percent of all doctor visits are for issues in that are in some way attributable to stress.

While spas shouldn't be seen as for pampering only, it's so easy to make the services relaxing and stress relieving that I feel it should always be an important part of a spa treatment. It can often be the most anti-aging thing we offer at the spa.

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Renew Skin Center's Treatment's were designed to focus on treating your skin concerns while you get time to relax. We are continually working to improve the ways we reduce our clients’ stress, renew their skin, and encourage their wellness during and in between visits so they feel their best.

Since these treatments are all-inclusive, whatever your skin needs, is what your skin will receive. No two people's treatments are the same, and often no person will get the exact same treatment twice.

And why name ourselves Renew? Well, it's the best word to describe what we do.

  • We renew our clients’ skin by always giving the best treatment protocol for their skin, every time.

  • We renew their confidence by revealing visibly better skin

  • We renew their mental well-being by making the experience as relaxing and stress free as possible

We hope you will come see us soon, and let us Renew your skin!

Ashley at Renew Skin Center

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